The Hearts That Made Me

First of all Merry Christmas, 2019! I often find myself gushing about how amazing you are as people and parents to everyone I meet–but in life the things we affectionately think aren’t always communicated. This year, in addition to your gifts (which I really wanted to be meaningful) I decided to write this piece and eternalize it on my blog but also for it to be read to you. So here goes, hoping it’s every bit as lovely as you both are. When I think of my Mother I think of incredible grace and strength. Life is never easy and … Continue reading The Hearts That Made Me

dear lovelies

Ten Steps to Help You Overcome Mental Health Obstacles in Your Every Day Life Let me first start out by saying I am not an expert or medical professional, but I AM somebody who struggles daily with mental health and mental illness. I have learned over my thirty-four years that sometimes trudging through isn’t enough. There has to be more, and there has to be a greater level of health. So, what do you do when you’re in a bind? When your days are long, and your illness wears down heavily upon you? How do you pick yourself back up? … Continue reading dear lovelies

dear alicia

“If you’re going through hell, keep on going, don’t slow down if you’re scared don’t show it, you might get out before the devil even knows you’re there.” -Rodney Atkins This is a letter that I want to write to myself, I hope it helps you too. Alicia, I’ve seen the way you handle life, how you delicately and sometimes dangerously teeter the line of great joy and deep depression. If I could look you in the eyes, I would tell you that you are infinitely stronger than anything you’ve yet to see. Yes, even the most excruciatingly painful days … Continue reading dear alicia

To my daughters

Daughter, I gaze upon your true beauty in sheer awe and amazement, at whom I’ve created. My radiant love is all I’ve ever wanted for you and it’s wider than all the galaxies in the sky and deeper than the greatest depths of the ocean. You are perfect to me even on what you think are your darkest days. There is nowhere you can go that I can’t be with you. At your highest highs, I’m celebrating with you—in the depths of your lowest lows I am there with you. I cover you with my love and sing over you … Continue reading To my daughters

love letter inspired by Isaiah 40

I am the great comforter and I speak tenderly to you. I’ve seen your struggle and today is your day of victory, IN ME. I’ve paid the ultimate price for all your sins—the choices, thoughts and actions that have all separated you from your God. What the enemy meant for evil, I have, in great mercy turned around for your good. Prepare for me to enter your heart. Make a way for me to rule and reign in your heart. I’m in the business of setting things right. Deep and dark valleys shall be raised up to great peaks and … Continue reading love letter inspired by Isaiah 40

love letter inspired by isaiah 49

Before you were born, I called you—while you were in your Mother’s womb—I was there, with you. I long to reveal my brilliancy through your life. All the amazing works of your bright and blazing future are held in the palm of my hand. I am your greatest satisfaction. I have a great work for you to do. I want to use you as my servant to bring back many to the heartbeat of God. So many lives live in darkness, as though the lights have been turned off for as long as they can remember. Like you, they have … Continue reading love letter inspired by isaiah 49

love letters, the anthology. 2011 pt 1

Preface: I want to introduce to you excerpts from my journals. I truly believe these to have been and are words from God given to me through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I don’t claim to be God, but I also do not claim full responsibility for these letters that I will begin to share through a series I have called, “Love Letters, The Anthology” These words were gifts to my heart during seasons of my life and to share them is beyond being vulnerable, yet I believe they will help others. I believe God wants me to share … Continue reading love letters, the anthology. 2011 pt 1