‘C’ as in CHARLIE nato phonetic alphabet i wrote this before i knew you, inspired by disappointment but love was birthed by fate into our lives–greater than we could have ever imaged. dedicated to the Co-alic-ion. 😉 I don’t want the typical love story. Those cliche expected things that people do together bore me. I […]

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you ARE a world changer.

my faith entered the dark room the first wednesday in january of two thousand and eight. since then i have been locked in on the wildest most exhilarating and at times excruciating journey of my life. there have been mountain top experiences that many live their whole lives just to taste the thrill, yet never […]

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my ethereal*

`you are my ethereal, you are the place I’ve always dreamed of but never knew I could ever find. I never knew I could love someone so easily and effortlessly–but it comes together naturally, classically. You are air to my lungs, in a world that hurts to breathe in. You are safety in a maze […]

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of a triumphant people

Compassionate Open Lavish Empath If your form emerged from stone, it would be recognized as a masterpiece. Locks and doors, keys and latches, all open to deep waters–deep, dark blue. You’re a human iceberg with ninety percent of depth below the surface. Life is such a weird thing. One minute you are a stranger living […]

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note to self

Elation fills up my soul today. I’m happy because I always overcome. Pain comes in like a flood overtaking me, changing me. As it washes out, I am filled with a quiet peace. Intimacy has made itself one with me through standing strong against the storm. From it, I’m forged. Day by day, little by […]

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