The Dawning Of A New Day

ImageWhatever you’ve been facing, stop right there. Today is a new day! There is so much you can accomplish in a single day. Just think of that! I’m so excited! I am rested, renewed and have a brand new perspective on today. There is so much to be done. Today I am focusing on goal setting. I’d really love to get one of those vision boards and start dreaming of my future. There is no better time like today, like now. Sure things are shifting and a lot is unknown, but I’m not going to let that seize me with fear.

I once heard it said about fear that you can either allow it to translate into fear or excitement. I usually apply this when I’m flying as I tend to get really nervous about it. I can really apply that to right now in my life. I can either allow the fear of unknown to paralyze me or I can allow it to be deeply exciting.

Some days it’s easier to have passion and enthusiasm than others. There are days I simply don’t think I have it in me and other days I can face the World in bravery.

Today I’m focusing on goal setting and looking at my future with fresh eyes. I’ve lived my life long enough just taking it in as it arrives, yet there is power in crafting your future.

Here are some of my personal and professional goals, since I’m in the business of getting real with you.

1. Write a book. I think my first book should be my memoir. It’s a story that I can really get into because I’ve lived my life. There are many lessons in life I can sprinkle through my memoir and I wouldn’t necessarily have to wait to get started writing my own story.

2. Enter writing contests. Doing this will allow me to improve on my writing and give me opportunities to get published as well as win cash prizes which will help financially. My plan is to write poetry and a goal of mine is to write a short story.

3. Read a book on writing a book. Sounds silly, but if I’m going to write a book and get published I should know a little bit about the subject matter, yeah?

4. Read more. I should strive to read a book a month. Readers are leaders. I should start with  Victor Franko’s Man’s Search For Meaning.

5. Create a Vision Board. I should create a Vision Board so that I can write down and look at the visions I have for my life. There is something important about writing something down. It puts reality to it and causes you to see it, which instills belief in you. When you believe you can do something and think on and meditate on that it creates action and you begin to fulfill those dreams even if it’s something that takes a while.

6. Create a budget. There is power in having accountability for your finances. We make a great deal of money every year and you owe it to yourself to have not only financial freedoms but to put aside money for your future. Having financial freedom will open a lot more doors for me in my future and give me the ability to do more.

7. Travel more. I would like to make a point to see somewhere new each year. This life is short. i know I will travel a lot with my future endeavors, but making a point to get away now while I’m in this season of my life is important, too.

Some of the top places I’d love to see are Australia, Cambodia and within the US I’d like to travel to Nashville, Alabama, NY.

8. Exercise. I’d love to create a plan for exercising. I know a lot of people lift weights and I’d like to learn a few exercises that can really transform my body.

9. Cooking. I love to cook and try new things in the kitchen. I’d love to develop a solid eating plan that will allow me to explore my passions in the kitchen but have a plan for my diet during the work week.

10. I’d love to do more personal styling. I have a really great knack for putting together the perfect outfit no matter the person or their age. I spent a day putting together a complete wardrobe of options for one of my dear friends who is 50! She didn’t even know she had outfits like that in her closet, but it gave me such joy to know that she will have many choices of what to wear and will feel great wearing them. Plus this sort of outlet really plays on my creative abilities and allows me to have control over creating ideas.

I also styled a photo shoot and dabbled a little bit in hair and make up and it was absolutely fun and again, allowed me to flex my creative muscles.

11. Writing gigs. I’d love to stretch myself and work together with people doing more creative writing gigs. I’d love to get my blog picked up and have a blogging position. It would serve me well to create a vision for what kind of blogging I’d like to do and really hone in on and develop my brand.

12. Adored Above expansion. I need to create a plan for ADORED to really see it develop into something bigger than what it is. It’s been a growing movement and I’ve done my best to inspire and encourage others along but I see so much more for it. I’d love to develop a brand statement for it that speaks to the purpose behind it. I’d love for it to evolve into an even larger movement with a lot more followers. I would like to see new ways for others to get engaged in it.

13. I’d love to create a fashion blog where I talk about tips for creating the perfect outfit. I know that might seem silly, but if I could somehow share my gift with others in a tangible way and create some sort of income/business out of it, that would be a dream!

14. I’d love to learn the art of doing make up for others. I think making others feel beautiful is such a rewarding thing. If I could do that through the art of make up, not only would there be purpose behind it, but it would provide a great outlet for side jobs that allow me to express myself creatively.  I think a great action plan for this is to watch Youtube tutorials and practice on my friends!


Well that’s it for now. I have a lot of tasks to get started on so this is great for a first goal setting session. Thanks for reading and I hope you are inspired to set your goals to paper and watch your dreams and visions take shape!


xoxo Alicia Barkley

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