Slow Down & Dream With Me

Right now, I’m getting you to a place where you are on complete and utter dependance upon me. You are in a tight place, but it’s my workings. I have led you here and I have drawn you to myself. You are agitated because I am stirring your spirit. I have things I want to bestow upon you, but I can’t when you are distracted and bogged down and layered with things that steal my voice. This is a temporary discomfort, compared to a glorious painstaking future, that will shine brighter than the brightest sun at noon day. But, do you trust me enough, to give me the very things you hold onto ever so tightly? Those things that you feel bear you up in times of trouble? Those self medicating things you do that only mask your spirit and starve out my speaking, quench my spirit.

Nothing you could ever self impose would ever be as refreshing as a tall drink from my well that never runs dry. I’m right here, closer than your very eye lashes. I am the breath within you. I am the wind beside you. I am standing here, waiting patiently for you. Will you notice me? Often, you pass by, but I understand. I love to watch you play. You flit around from one emotion to the next, and I love you between all of them, every highest high and lowest low. I’m there, watching, waiting. Always available to you. That’s the kind of love I have for you. One that will never run dry. There is nothing you can say or do to make me love you any less. I love you. Come get away with me, and I will show you real rest. Let’s dream together.

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