God you have been so incredibly good to me.

That seems to be the theme in my heart lately. I don’t know where it started exactly. Actually, now I

remember. I was having dinner at The Melting Pot and was talking to our server, who was incredibly

concerned about his future. He was almost terrified to take or make any next steps. I began to

encourage him, and challenge him. What’s the worst that can happen? So you fall utterly and

completely on your feet, but then you get back up. You find another way. Honestly, everything in life

that looks insurmountable, incredibly huge and impassable truly never ends just the way we think.

Everything that has ever felt that way in the past for you, you have already survived it–so far.

Everything always works out, even when it doesn’t. I really believe that, almost as if it’s a fact of life.

Still doesn’t take the fear out of those next steps, but you must take risks in life.

That’s when we started talking about hope and believing. He said he wanted to believe that could be

true for him. I kind of smiled and laughed and nearly cried in the same breath. I had forgotten a

moment that defined my forever–maybe not forgotten but buried deep within my memory bank.


I remember a certain day in Church where I was completely lost in my life, really without a hope to my


name. I was sitting in church, deep in thought, and honestly don’t even remember what the Pastor was


saying. I was probably not paying attention. I opened the Bible in the back of the seat, thank God for


those Bibles in the backs of seats. Anyway, I opened it up and the verse which talks about that God


will finish the work he has started… ‘Being confident in this, that HE who began a good work, will


finish it unto completion’ I remember staring at that, with near tears in my eyes and thinking loudly in


my heart ‘I WANT so desperately to believe this could be true of me… I hope this could be real’ And It


brings me to near tears right now, just even REMEMBERING that moment. It was such a hugely


pivotal point in my life. Everything after that moment is a blur, but what I can say now with great


confidence is that HE HAS REALLY, TRULY, brought hope to my life. He has fixed and healed so


many broken areas. I don’t even recognize myself, from the girl in that moment, until now. It’s as if I


was completely fashioned and formed from the very nothingness I was at. I can’t begin to even


describe the person I used to be. One day, I will. But for NOW, I want to share with you that


(as I read in the word of the day) “THERE IS NOTHING TOO HARD OR TOO WONDERFUL FOR



Whatever you are facing today, know this is just one snapshot, one slice, one piece of the picture, of

your life. Whatever you are looking up at in fear, worry, anxiety, uncertainty, or even with an

overwhelmed spirit… KNOW that God has a PLAN for your life. He really does. And if you ask Him,

look to Him, and have even just a mustard seed of faith, or even the faith that says “I just hope, I just

wish, I want to believe that this could be true for me…” THAT my friend, is enough.



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