Good Morning, Sunshine. Rise & Conquer!

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Hello, Hello! Good morning from Chicago! Just a quick post before I breeze onto my busy day.

A few things, first, today is a new day. You probably hear that and think of a collective groan. Sure, it’s cliche and it’s overused, but think about it. Today really is a new day. Your yesterday, your even one second ago is done and over with, and before you lies the untapped future–yet all you can really grasp and work with is right now. So what are you going to do with it? How will you fill it? What will fill your mind, your will and your emotions? Positivity? Enthusiasm? Excellence? A good work ethic? YOU decide. Take that thought and mull it over. Think on it. Allow it to inspire you to action, empower you to do something GREAT today. I believe in you!


Second, your thoughts frame your world. Is the world you live in, your reality, the way you’ve always envisioned for yourself? You might think not, but let me tell you it is. WHAT?! How dare you say that?! Well I stand by what I have said. Your reality IS what you have envisioned, because you have been thinking on it, subconsciously have agreed to it, and you meditate on thoughts that will perpetuate whatever it is that you consistently think about. CRAZY, right!? I’m guilty of this. I feel like God has been really providing me the thought that I can believe for a different set of circumstances. He’s really inspiring me to use my thoughts and my words to call out greater things into my life, out of me. It’s as if, let’s say, you’ve lived in a shack all your life and God starts calling you to dream of a royal life in a castle. Ok, so it sounds a little crazy, but that’s the truth of Gods word. We can dream, desire, and pursue greater things. Doesn’t mean “things” or “materials” but whatever it is that God puts on your heart to believe for, you better believe it’s coming, but YOU must do your part and AGREE with it in all of your thoughts and in all of your words.


Lastly, Share this with a friend! Do it, do it, do it ā¤


With Love, Alicia xx

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