by alicia barkley

  1. In music, especially western popular music, abridge is a contrasting section that prepares for the return of the original material section.

through my minds eye, i’ve seen a glimpse of your wild spirit.

the fire of heaven is ablaze in you.

you set my soul on fire.

locks on locks on locks guard your mind.

like the Locks, you control the flows.

your mouth is a wisely stewarded ship.

when your words pour from you, everyone listens.

i admire you.

i wish i were more like you.

Lord, teach me to be patient.

i long for you to lead me.

you are a fearless leader.

confidence and charisma are empty without You.

you are purposeful and secure.

a submitted soul is a soul that leaves longing.

pardon me for falling.

i wasn’t looking for it, when i did.

you highlighted just how dead in sleep my dreams were.

you woke me up.

senses alive.

a rusted heart never made for a favorite friend.

the inwards of my heart are so thirsty that the scent of water feels like the great flood.

i’m sorry if my waterfall was too loud.

i’m always in the way.

always too much.

too much. too much.

i’m a siren. a hot mess. a great force to be reckoned with.

you are a hurricane but i’m the armageddon.

be careful what you wish for.

it’s scary when your prayers come to fruition.

you aren’t ready for all of this.

who said that i was?

i didn’t ask for this.

or you.

you were black letters on a highlighted screen.

you weren’t real to me.

a sight for sore eyes in black and white, never made for my love story.

the great He is like a myth.

i’m almost afraid to dream of him, because i’m scared he’ll never live up to my hearts desires.

but as i sat there and poured over your energy,

i was sucked into the eye of your perfect storm.

something beyond myself took a hold of me.

what is happening?

i’ll pour over every moment.

i’m just a write off.

on to the next allure.

yet beside you sits a diamond in a brown paper bag.

your eyes were dark and incited fear.

so much depth.

i couldn’t scale the mountains inside your eyes.

bottomless pit.

but somehow, someway i found myself nestled in your crags.

some things were lovely, some enchanting, some terrifying.

you live like locks without keys.

i used to be superficial.

you make a girl want everything you want, because it’s you.

and just because.

i’ve been resting, waiting.

waiting on dreams that i don’t even know are real anymore.

but when you came, it was lucid.

i loved the preview.

show me your full feature.

five hours, the number of grace.

i’m hanging from a cliff, but you’re stepping on my fingers.

just let go.

i wish i could just let go.

you’re just like me.

just close the doors. just draw the line. just make it stop.

you’re gone now.


that never happened.

i’m left still dreaming.

your rich foreign eyes.


you fill the whole room with your energy, without releasing a single word.

quiet confidence.

your charming and caring ways.

your wit.

the way i want to savor your every word.

to the last drop.

the way you feel like home. a home i never knew i could reside.

the way you speak directly to the center of who i am, with authority.

who gave this to you?

truth be told, i fell into a love.


a perfect stranger.

soul to soul.

make a ring out of grass, and i’ll wear my opal colored dress.

let’s become one.

take me to the middle of nowhere.

lay me down.

take me on an adventure.

blindfold me.

get me lost.

sleep beside me outside under the stars.

with your arm around me–the world, Alas, is at rest.

take me to the outer parts of the world.

take me on a life-long adventure.

but that’s just a dream.

like smoke, a vapor that fades away, so is this dream.

or is it just a dream?

were you simply a figment of my imagination.

too cool. too cool.

you’re still trying to forge your identity.

you like caramel colored muses that look like they fell into bed.

your eye for art doesn’t stop short of the women you love.

i’m an enigma and an anomaly.

my love is like the ocean, an endless sea.

you can spend all day in it and never arrive.

you can’t figure me out.

i can feel your mind thinking of me.

trying to make sense of it all.

i am.

a million broken pieces that found their way together to make a beautiful mosaic.

your love for perfection is also your disdain.

know that will never satisfy your longing soul.

you long for just a little bit more.

something more.

something more.

you are the black and i am the white– ying and yang

you’re neatly wound and i’m free.

you’re in your head, and i’m living out loud.

i’m an acquired taste.

a taste with a right hook that brings you back around.

it takes a strong man to love a woman like me.

i believe you have what it takes.

just know you made my heart race out of my chest. it’s been running wild ever since.








actually, never mind. what was i thinking? I don’t even know you.

until we meet again.


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