​​I’m a fundraiser! God must have gifted me!

*Lia $1000+ for brain tumor care, flight + medical bills

*Family in Rockford – hotel for a week + food + clothes + bus money = NO HOMELESSNESS
And now, I’m working to help my best friends family. Details are on ADORED ABOVE the group page and my personal FB. You guys, WE ARE THE GOOD IN HUMANITY when we bless and help others. Spare a coffee this week to help a grieving family. Maybe God is calling you to sacrifice something greater. Whatever you can do whether it’s sharing, praying, giving LETS DO IT. We have one life.
I know when I stand before God, I want Him to not only be pleased with me, but I want Him to show me a parade of miracles 💜
No manipulation or coercion here, just CHALLENGING everyone to consider helping!! It feels good to give. I love giving. If I had all the money I’d write a check right now for the whole amount and wouldn’t ask for ANY support, but I simply can not.

Donation info below 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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