love letters, the anthology. 2011 pt 1

Preface: I want to introduce to you excerpts from my journals. I truly believe these to have been and are words from God given to me through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I don’t claim to be God, but I also do not claim full responsibility for these letters that I will begin to share through a series I have called, “Love Letters, The Anthology” These words were gifts to my heart during seasons of my life and to share them is beyond being vulnerable, yet I believe they will help others. I believe God wants me to share more like this (from my journals, but also free written like my last post) Would love to hear how they speak to you and if you find them encouraging. Reading this one again has really encouraged me, especially the last part as I am personally working through pride and humility. Enjoy xx Ali

I affirm you. You, from myself, my own flesh and blood, the love of my life. You are the love of my life because I gave my life for you. I laid it down. I breathed my last breath with you in mind. I poured out my blood, my living LIFE. The very sweat of my brow formed through excruciating and agonizing pain was all a labor of love. I loved you. I saw you before you ever came into being. Before you came to BE I saw you and wanted, desired, longed for a relationship with you. But here I am. Here I AM making all things new. I’m holding you right in the palm of my very hand, BELIEVE it. Your life is no accident. I hold, secure, fasten, hold together, orchestrate, and construct your life, IN MY HANDS. I hold all things together. Your heart, beating at my command, oxygen processing at my decree. Blood flowing, nourishing, sustaining at my orders. I am God, and there is no other. No one else I give my glory to, NO OTHERS. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know the plans– specific, clear cut, ordered, immaculate, orderly– in order, plans that I have. I have not lost them. They are not hindered. They are not lost. They are not defeated. They are not thwarted. They are not aborted. They ARE possible. They will happen. They will come to pass. What I speak, I will set in to motion. I will bring it to fruition. I will set it into motion. I have them and they are IN control. I have them, they are not going anywhere. No weapon the enemy has forged against you, fashioned against you, set up against you, WILL NOT PROSPER. My right hand of favor is upon your life. Season your words with grace. Season your life with love. Clothe yourself in humility. Clothe yourself with oversized humility. Allow it to overwhelm your being. With great humility comes great honor. The measure of love, of grace, of humility, of selflessness you bestow upon others will be returned seven-fold to you. So, give when it hurts. Give when you are tired. Give when you’re inconvenienced. Give when it kills you. Let your selfish flesh starve. Let your pride, your love of self, die and with it all the selfish desires. You are purchased with incorruptible seed, with my blood that speaks a better word.

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