Love Letter pt1

I saw, I know, I’m aware. I love you anyways. Did you know that before you came to be, I saw you? I’ve been pursuing you your entire life. This is not coincidence. You have made it to these words on purpose. The love I have for you isn’t intimidated by your real thoughts, hurts, feelings. I’m intimately acquainted with you. I watch you as you sleep, watching over your entire life, breath by breath. I know things have been hard, I know it’s easier sometimes to numb the pain than to sit with it. It was painstaking and an … Continue reading Love Letter pt1

Jesus, my safe place.

Peace is something I can’t live without. I can go without a lot of things and learn to be content in many situations but having unrest in my life is a deal breaker. Peace can easily be taken for granted, but when it fails to show up, it is unmistakable. When you walk hand in hand with it, allowing it to lead and guide all your steps, it is a game changer. Simply, when God is at the helm of my life—when I walk with him, listen and look for him in all I do, I have an addictive peace … Continue reading Jesus, my safe place.


It’s so easy to walk through life and miss some of the most beautiful moments and miracles. There is a hidden, secret layer of life that exists right before us. It’s God, plain and simple. He exists and he is before us. We often miss him completely. Here’s an analogy. Have you ever seen a Fed-Ex truck? Many of us, myself included, have. Have you ever noticed the arrow between the ‘E’ and the ‘X’? If not, would you have naturally noticed it? For me, I had seen those trucks a million times but have never seen the arrow until … Continue reading HEARING FROM + SEEING GOD IN EVERY DAY

you ARE a world changer.

My faith entered the dark room the first Wednesday in January of 2008. Since then I have been locked in on the wildest most exhilarating and excruciating journey of my life. There have been mind-blowing mountain top experiences and lows so low I felt I was on my spiritual death bed. I want to encourage you in a big way, today. You might be feeling emptier than the deepest part of the ocean without hope to hold onto. I’m telling you, everything you need is deep within you–but you will have to pull it out from wherever it is hiding. … Continue reading you ARE a world changer.

note to self

Elation fills up my soul today. I’m happy because I always overcome. Pain comes in like a flood overtaking me, changing me. As it washes out, I am filled with a quiet peace. Intimacy has made itself one with me through standing strong against the storm. From it, I’m forged. Day by day, little by little. I’m tall, confident, imperfect but aware of myself in awe. I’m starting to remind myself, tell myself, encourage myself in all that I believe in. Good things will come to me. Love will find me again. I’m not what I think about myself. I’m … Continue reading note to self


They say “you’re so pretty” I know in that moment she meant it. Feels empty when I’ve been the same person all along. It’s so hard to stand still in a crowded room. I wonder how many people truly feel as sad as I do. I sit by the river because it doesn’t judge me and I’m never too much. It floats by merrily, a powerful yet unassuming force. When I’m alone and in nature I feel safer, even if I’m just a ways away down by the river. Anything is better than being forced to see everything I’m not … Continue reading Blank