Wide Open Spaces of Grace

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. .Robert Frost. I’m pretty sure that life is an enigma that I will never fully understand. When I compare myself to the journeys of others, my life seems like a complicated, unsolved math […]

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In the act of trying to die, I died to myself.-me I’ve  been trying to come up with how I was going to share what’s been going on with me. I really don’t know how to eloquently. This might not be my most beautiful writing; but the story will go on. Have you heard of […]


God you have been so incredibly good to me. That seems to be the theme in my heart lately. I don’t know where it started exactly. Actually, now I remember. I was having dinner at The Melting Pot and was talking to our server, who was incredibly concerned about his future. He was almost terrified […]

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Slow Down & Dream With Me

Right now, I’m getting you to a place where you are on complete and utter dependance upon me. You are in a tight place, but it’s my workings. I have led you here and I have drawn you to myself. You are agitated because I am stirring your spirit. I have things I want to […]

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Stand Tall

“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” ― Albert Einstein photo cred: Steve Madden In my early life I felt I had it all. I was the prettiest, the skinniest, the smartest, surrounded by favor and grace. I lived it, breathed it & firmly believed it. It seemed […]

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Stand Still

I’m having a Carrie Bradshaw moment, and not in that Rated R kind of way. As I sat doing my daily pre-bedtime rituals, I sat there thinking a million thoughts in my head. I had this kind of agitation that only comes at certain times. You know, the kind where you know when you rest […]

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Freedom & Selfishness

It’s funny how our worlds become so big to us. We look through the lenses which see through the filters we each possess. Our lives can become so overwhelmingly huge, almost unbearable. Then in an instance we experience a paradigm shift, something that unsettles us penetrating our core. Our foundation is tested by the trials […]

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