Dearest Dear…


Dearest Dear ♥

I’ve taken the plunge & I’ve jumped off the proverbial cliff and created ADORED ABOVE the blog. Blind faith is sometimes sobering. It’s easy to preach, inspire and encourage– but it’s another when you put action to the words you speak, giving life to your vision.

So here we are, darling. This is it. Violia! Ici! Adored Above with feet. She’s taking flight, spreading her wings to where vision has no limit. My heart is that these words go beyond a few moments of your time, but arrest you and touch your heart. It starts here, it starts now. The words that frame these pages have been gently chiseled from the raw places of my heart. My hope is that they will mean something to you.

ADORED ABOVE is a movement. It started with just a handful of friends and has grown beyond three thousand lovelies~ but this is just the beginning. We have yet to see our greatest days. And I am confident that as I continue to find my voice, and as the light continues to shine, we will become a light so blindingly in-ignorable.

We are a small city that God has placed on His big hill. Follow me as I walk with Him. ♥

Here it is. Come rest and make yourself at home. Rest your soul. Drink it in. In this place you will always be loved… always be encouraged… always be uplifted… and truth will always be spoken in this place. Drink it in with eyes, heart and soul wide-open. Wherever you find yourself in this life… I pray you leave this little page better than when you came.
I hope you will feel the love of a living and loving God. I’ll be me & you be you. And let God be God, doing only what He can do, which is absolutely nothing short of everything you need.

You are an original.
There isn’t a single person who has your exact spirit, your same soul.
You are an original, worth your weight in gold.
My prayer is that you will discover His signature upon your heart that spells out the Creator who is responsible the incredible masterpiece that you truly are!

XOXO Alicia

2 thoughts on “Dearest Dear…

  1. I’ve been an online acquaintance and have seen your posts for some time regarding Adored Above. Your concept is great but it seems you talk more about “the movement” that is Adored Above but never really discuss substance or topics other than asking people to follow you online and sharing how God is using you. Speaking personally, I’d love to hear how he’s using you. I’d love to see that your desire to reach people extends beyond simply trying to get more followers for a “movement” that it seems you’re hesitant to even begin. I’m sure your desire is strong and motives are pure…my friendly criticism is to just jump in head first with your message and give us all reason to follow. Best of luck. God bless.

    1. Esther, Thanks for your friendly criticism. The bio and letter I wrote a long time ago, and should probably consider revising. A lot is changing in my head and heart. You are so right, I need to give you, the reader, a reason to follow. But the cool thing is, I’m still learning all the beautiful facets of myself. You will see Adored Above come alive, as I come more alive & I hope that it’s something YOU find worth following 😉

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