love letter inspired by Isaiah 40

I am the great comforter and I speak tenderly to you. I’ve seen your struggle and today is your day of victory, IN ME. I’ve paid the ultimate price for all your sins—the choices, thoughts and actions that have all separated you from your God. What the enemy meant for evil, I have, in great mercy turned around for your good. Prepare for me to enter your heart. Make a way for me to rule and reign in your heart. I’m in the business of setting things right. Deep and dark valleys shall be raised up to great peaks and high, unscalable mountains will be leveled for you to walk through. My glory will be revealed for all to see. I give life with my breath and all of mankind is fragile. Life is temporary, but I am eternal, and I endure forever. You who know me, proclaim my goodness. Don’t just speak but let your lives be visible worship and praise to the darkened world around you. Be bold witnesses of your God without fear. Tell the world about me plainly. I am a sovereign and powerful God and I save. I care tenderly to the lost and to the found. I leave the 99 to find and carry back the 1. I lead my loved ones gently. I breathed and galaxies and life came into being. I’ve weighed mountains and held oceans in my hands. I am powerful and have an answer to every question. Knowledge and understanding are my creation and specialty. The nations are mere dust, minute in the scope of everything I’ve created. How can you even begin to compare me? I am infinite. I am inexhaustible and you can spend your entire lives trying to explain me, yet words will never suffice. Many have come in the name of a god, but those empty idols can’t hold a flame to my awesome power. I sit in heaven and I spread out space like a canopy. I give and take authority away. Kings are humbled by my power. Who will you say is my equal? I blow and storms pick up and speak and all is calm. Who do you suppose created all of what you see? I bring each star and being before me and call them each by name. Every detail is before me and I don’t miss a thing. I hear the complaints and cries of my people who feel abandoned by their God. Those who feel hidden I say to you this…

I am Father God.

I am the creator of all the earth.

Nothing gets past me. I don’t get tired nor do I fall asleep on the job.

Nobody can fathom the extent of my wisdom and understanding. I strengthen those who need hope.

I am strong on behalf of the weak. Not even the strength of young men or the weariness of old intimidates me. Those who put their whole heart in me will not faint but will be overwhelmed with new strength—God strength. They will pursue life with supernatural ability.

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